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Peter Gleick

The Heartland Institute declared one of the documents obtained by scientist Peter Gleick is ‘fake’. This implicitly confirmed the rest, but they told they were in the process of authenticating the remaining eight documents. After 12 days, they didn’t validate anything. In the meanwhile, their PR allies have invented a new hashtag (#fakegate) for Twitter and even a new website under the name fakegate.org and the title “A new global warming scandal”. That’s a new proof of one of the most used denial machine tactics: to invert the facts.

Anyway, a recent evaluation by Desmogblog seems to confirm its validity.

But at least the 2011 funder’s list can be authenticated beyond all doubt by examining an untitled web page with information dated 15th January (page properites say it was last modified 20th February at 3:58:49 GMT+1). Under the title Prospective donors listed by gifts from 2011 this list matches exactly the donors and quantities listed in the Fundraising Plan 2012.

Because this could be a slapdash from Heartland, it is conceivable they will shut down the page when they notice it. You might find it in webarchiv, buy anyway here are four print page graphics that confirm the the list of individuals, associations, companies and charitable foundations to whom they alledgelly asked for excuses:

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“You are a fucking douchebag. You pathetic fucking Phony. I hope there is an earthquake right under your fucking house and swallows you into hell.” – Email received by climate journalist Georges Monbiot (1)

Climategate book

It was to be expected. Not everything is extremely correct but none of the IPCC’s conclusions has been questioned, no information was hidden, it being accessible and reproducible, and no inconvenient papers were suppressed. Neither is the peer review process being corrupted. In short, none of the countless accusations in the media or in the blogosphere or anywhere can still be sustained. Although they, without a doubt, will sustain them for some time to come and not all the related media outlets that readily helped to smudge public opinion will report this ‘sentence’, at least not with the same frequency and typographical display. They’re already talking about ‘whitewash’ (2).

What has become crystal clear is that these high profile climatologists are being put under huge pressure by the denialist machine and they don’t always react with British composure.


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